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Graduate Students

I am always excited to begin dialogue with enthusiastic, highly motivated students and postdoc about opportunities in our lab. 


Our research program is diverse. I am looking for students that are enthusiastic about conducting research that is complementary to the questions we are asking in the lab. That being said, I am excited about students pushing the boundaries of what we as a lab are doing and bringing new exciting ideas and techniques to inform how we understand coastal ecosystems and their conservation. Much of our research is field based, but also includes substantial laboratory work, and quantitative analyses. I am excited to work with students that are interested in any combination of these approaches. 

If you are interested, have a look at the below sites to learn more about the EEB program and our requirements and criteria.  If you think our lab may be a good fit for you, feel free to contact me directly.  In your email, please include the following information:

UM admissions information:

To express interest, please fill out this survey which will ask for: 

       - your CV and a writing example

       - a brief description of your research interests and background information on why you are interested in pursuing           a graduate degree.

       - Why do you believe my lab would be a good fit for you? 


Below are some potential fellowship opportunities for graduate students. 

External funding opportunities:

Funding opportunities for international students:



I encourage any highly qualified potential postdocs to contact me about research opportunities, even if I do not have a specific call for a position - I may have funds or know of funds that could support an interesting collaboration. I am excited about working with folks that can help push what we as a lab are doing further by bring new energy and ideas to the group. I also encourage potential postdocs to contact me if they are interest working with me to targeting some of the available fellowships or avenues of funding, e.g., the Smith Fellowship and the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship

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