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Communicating science through words and imagery 

The translation of research through media provides an additional mode of outreach that has potential for reaching diverse audiences.  It also challenges us as scientists to understand conservation issues from multiple perspectives. 


AAAS blog post on engaging communities through research

Article in Oceana about our research:

An interview on Canadian Broadcasting Company's Quarks and Quirks

 Our Nature Communications article "Fishing down nutrients on coral reefs" was communicated by over 40 news outlets including










I am collaborating with Matt McCoy of Loggerhead Productions on a series of short documentaries about sustainability and coastal ecosystems. 


Matt and I have been filming in Haiti for the past four years.  He has produced this video about our work there and more recently finished a short video in Haitian Creole about our research (see below on right as well).  We are currently distributing the video to schools throughout the region where we work.   


We are current working on a short abstract film, and a longer documentary about conservation, fisheries and ecology in Haiti - the first  of which we have submitted to conservation film festivals.  See some sample clips below.






















I contribute to The Abaco Scientist, a great blog site run by Craig Layman that focuses on issues typically related to marine ecology with a particular emphasis on The Bahamas and the Caribbean



SustainableSeafood.pdf - Article about the importance of consuming sustainable seafood.  Printed in the local Flagpole Magazine, Athens GA 

Article presenting an optimistic perspective on the seemingly intractable issue of fisheries in Haiti - printed in “The Abaconian”, a local newspaper in The Bahamas - Haiti- a glimmer of hope in a sea of despair.pdf

Abaco creek restoration: where have we been and where we are going - printed in “The Abaconian”, a local newspaper in The Bahamas Creek Restoration Article.pdf


Featured: Science Daily - article about the importance of body size and metabolism for predicting fish pee (Allgeier et al. PNAS 2015)

Featured: Science Daily - article about consumer nutrient supply in the marine environment (Allgeier et al. Ecology 2013)

Featured: UGA research Magazine press release on article on overfishing (Layman and Allgeier et al. Eco Apps 2011)

Featured: Global Reef Expedition - article about artificial reef research

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