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Jacob Allgeier  

Associate Professor 

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of Michigan

jeallg "at"


Jake is an ecologist with broad interests in how human-induced changes alter ecosystem processes and the services that they provide.  His work is rooted in basic ecological theory, but motivated by increasing need for food security, particularly in coastal societies. 

Jake has won international acclaim for his ability to sit on porches, stoops, and random curbsides in any given country. 

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Lanie Esch   - Postdoc

mmesh "at"

Lanie is a marine ecologist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow, primarily studying coral reef fishes. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Coastal Carolina University and graduate degrees from Florida International University. Lanie’s PhD focused on the invasion risk of current and future alien marine fishes to the reefs of south Florida. Her current research investigates the effect that community structure of primary producers and fishes have on production. Outside of work, Lanie enjoys most outdoor activities -land and water based- and trying new local restaurants!


Bridget Shayka - PhD Student

bshayka "at"

Bridget is a PhD student studying nutrient dynamics in tropical marine systems. She attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate, and completed her masters at California State University, Northridge studying the impacts of nutrient runoff and ocean acidification on coral reef algae in Moorea, French Polynesia. Her PhD research at the University of Michigan is focused on the effects of nutrients on seagrass productivity and carbon storage in the Caribbean. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, Bridget loves hiking and all other water-related activities.

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Katrina Munsterman (she/they) - PhD Student

kmunster "at"

Katrina is a PhD student studying fish and fisher behavior. She attended UC Santa Barbara for her BS and MS degrees and spent a decade researching fish in French Polynesia. For her PhD, she's integrating fish population dynamics, fish movement, and social science to better understand how behavior affects production.


Katrina is a picnic enthusiast and can be found running or biking, most likely accompanied by her dog, Bandit.


Nepsis García (she/they) - PhD Student

nepsisgl "at"

Nepsis is from a small town called Baní in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. She did her undergrad at PUCMM (in the DR) and got her masters in Marine Biology at NSU Florida. Before coming to U of M she worked on the assisted sexual reproduction of stony corals, their larval rearing and recruit grow out. For her PhD, she is interested in understanding how coral assemblages on artificial reefs can help us recover coral reef function, and finding less active solutions to restore coral reefs. In her spare time, Nepsis loves cooking, having picnics at parks, and snuggling with her wife and her cats to watch TV.



Sean Richards - Technician


Sean (he/him) is a fourth-year undergraduate student double-majoring in Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity (EEB) and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB). He is broadly interested in modeling approaches to approximate marine coastal ecosystem function and its implications for conservation. He is currently researching the effects of species-level behavioral differences on artificial reef primary productivity. In his free time, Sean enjoys making coffee, fencing, and perfecting his stone-skipping form.

Shreyann Seth - UROP Student

Hi! My name is Shreyaan and I’m a junior in the LSA Honors program majoring in Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity. I am originally from Davenport, Iowa but have spent the last 15 years growing up in India. I am working on the project ‘Marine Ecology and Biodiversity: Examining Invertebrate Communities from Bahamas and Florida Seagrass Beds’ as a continuation of my first year UROP experience! I hope to use this time to familiarize myself with the scientific research process, and hopefully begin my journey to becoming a researcher myself! I love traveling, exploring parks, and trying new foods! 

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Natalie Walton - UROP Student 

Natalie is a third year undergraduate student studying biochemistry at the University of Michigan. She is very interested in researching the effects of ocean acidification and warming on seaweeds and algal turfs. Additionally, she is intrigued by coral reefs and the detailed yet delicate relationships within them. When she’s not in a tree, you can find Natalie searching for the comfiest fleece jacket or falling off of a paddle board. 


Joanna Livingston - Undergraduate Researcher 


Joanna is an undergraduate student studying Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity at the University of Michigan. She is currently researching nutrient effects on a species of tropical seagrass, Syringodium. In her free time, Joanna loves to read, be around animals, and be near any body of water. 

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Duran Mitchell - Field Assistant

Duran is an undergraduate student in the Small Island Sustainability Program at University of The Bahamas. Duran has experience conducting field ecology research on coral reefs and blue holes as well as social science research. He is working with PhD student Katrina Munsterman on a study to understand how people involved in Bahamian fisheries have responded to Hurricane Dorian and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Lucinda  - Biogeochemist 

Lucinda loves cantaloupe.

She is the best. 

Lab Alumni


Micah Romaner

Undergrad Researcher



Charlie Kotila

Undergrad Researcher 2021-2022

Arin Yu.JPG

Arin Yu

Undergrad Researcher 2019

Max Hesselbarth




Anji Shakya

MS Student



Tim Cline



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Allie Mallouk

Undergrad Researcher 2020-2022

Lab Assistant



Jason Wagenmaker

Undergrad Researcher 2020-2022

Emily Brines

Undergrad Researcher 


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Lily Matlof.jpeg

Lily Matlof

Undergrad Researcher 2019-2020


Kenzo Esquivel

MS Student



Mona Andskog

Lab Regulator and Bosslady


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Patrick Lewis

Undergrad Researcher 2018-2019

Brianna Westmoreland.jpg

Brianna Westmoreland

Undergrad Researcher 2018

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