Who we are


Jacob Allgeier  

Assistant Professor 

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of Michigan

jeallg "at" umich.edu


Jake is an ecologist with broad interests in how human-induced changes alter how ecosystems function and the services that they provide.  His work is rooted in basic ecological theory, but motivated by increasing need for food security, particularly in coastal societies. 

Jake has won international acclaim for his ability to sit on porches, stoops, and random curbsides in any given country. 


Bridget Shayka - PhD Student

bshayka "at" umich.edu

Bridget is a PhD student studying nutrient dynamics in tropical marine systems. She attended the University of Virginia as an undergraduate, and completed her masters at California State University, Northridge studying the impacts of nutrient runoff and ocean acidification on coral reef algae in Moorea, French Polynesia. Her PhD research at the University of Michigan is focused on the effects of nutrients on seagrass communities in the Caribbean and their carbon sequestration ability. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, Bridget loves hiking and all other water-related activities.


Katrina Munsterman - PhD Student

kmunster "at" umich.edu

Katrina is a PhD student interested in studying the role of fishes in ecosystem processes on disturbed coral reefs. She attended the University of California Santa Barbara for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees and spent nearly a decade researching herbivorous fishes in Moorea, French Polynesia. For her PhD research, she will be working with fishing communities in the Caribbean to better understand the impact of human alterations on ecosystem function. Katrina is a picnic enthusiast and can be found running or cycling, most likely accompanied by her dog, Bandit.


Samantha Iliff - PhD Student

siliff "at" umich.edu

Samantha is a PhD student studying community and applied ecology. She completed her B.S. at Florida Atlantic University majoring in marine biology and minoring in mathematics. For her undergraduate thesis research, she examined the impacts of pesticide pollution on oyster reef communities, and as an undergraduate NOAA Hollings Scholar, she worked with NOAA's Restoration Center to establish and study deep water coral nurseries in Honolulu, HI. As a graduate student at the University of Michigan, her PhD research is focused on the top-down and bottom-up drivers of coral recruitment. In her free time she enjoys playing volleyball, ruining group photos, disc golfing, illustrating, and traveling the world in search of it's greatest sandwich. 

Emily Brines  - Undergraduate researcher 

Emily is a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, studying Environment and Biology. She is particularly interested in research that pertains to fishery management and the policies that guide human behavior in response to ecosystem damage. Emily loves basically any outdoor activity, but especially including backpacking, scuba diving, skiing, and (attempting to) surf. She is a big animal lover, with a special soft spot for her pet horse named George.

Lily Matlof  - Undergraduate researcher

Lily is a junior undergraduate student at the University of Michigan studying Earth and Environmental Science. She is specifically interested in marine and forest ecology, and the effects of anthropogenic change. Lily hopes to pursue a graduate degree in the future and loves spending time outdoors, from hiking to playing soccer to surfing. 

Arin Yu  - Undergraduate researcher

Arin is a third year undergraduate specializing in Sustainable Urbanism in the Program in the Environment. She is particularly interested in how we can design environmentally-conscious and socially just cities going into the future, as well as sustainable food production. Arin is an avid reader and yogi outside the research lab, and is constantly chasing after the ocean in her travels. 

Lucinda  - Biogeochemist 

Lucinda loves cantaloupe.

She is the best. 

Lab Alumni

Tim Cline - postdoc


Kenzo Esquivel - MS Student 2017-2019

Brianna Westmoreland

Undergrad Researcher 2018

Patrick Lewis

Undergrad Researcher 2018-2019

Mona Andskog - Lab Regulator and Bosslady 2018-2019