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Bold indicates lab members, # indicates undergraduates in the lab, ^ indicates postdoc in lab

Shayka, B., Hasselbarth, M.H. ^, Schill, S. and Allgeier, J. E. 2023. The natural capital of seagrass beds in 

the Caribbean: evaluating their ecosystem services and blue carbon trade potential. Biology Letters


Andskog, M. A. *, C. A. Layman, and Allgeier, J. E. * 2023. Seagrass production around artificial reefs is 

resistant to human stressors. (* = equal contribution) Proceedings of the Royal Society B


Shakya, A. # and Allgeier, J. E., 2023. Water column contributions to coral reef productivity: an ecosystem 

ecology perspective to help overcome challenges of context dependence. Biological Reviews 

Cline, T. W.^*, and Allgeier, J.E.*. 2022. Weak evidence for fish community control of coral reef resilience. Nature Ecology and Evolution (* = joint first author)

Esquivel, K*, Hesselbarth, M.H.K.*, Allgeier, J. E. 2022. Mechanistic support for increased primary

production around artificial reefs. Ecological Applications (* = joint first author)

Schiettekatte, N.M.D., plus 22 other authors including Munsterman K.S.Allgeier, J.E. 2022 Trade-offs redefine the vulnerability of reef fish functions. Nature Ecology and Evolution

Brines, E., #, A. Andskog, K. S. Munsterman, and Allgeier, J. E.. 2022 Fish fertilization of seagrass across a gradient of eutrophication in Haiti. Marine Biology

Allgeier, J.E., Weeks, B.C., Wenger, S.J., Wale, N., Schiettekatte, NMD, Villéger, S, Burkepile, D.E.,

Munsterman, K.S., Parravicini, V. 2021 Phylogenetic conservativism determines nutrient dynamics

of coral reef fishes. Nature Communications


Allgeier, J.E. 2021. Nutrient Stoichiometry of fishes and invertebrates in Caribbean coastal ecosystems.


Munsterman, K.S. #, Allgeier, J.E., Peters, J.R., Burkepile, D.E. 2021. A view from both ends: shifts in

herbivore assemblages impact top-down and bottom-up processes on coral reefs. Ecosystems.


Layman, C.A.,  Allgeier, J.E,  Geary, S.T., 2020. Moving beyond semantics: Advancing restoration with food

web approaches. Food Webs

Layman, C.A.* and Allgeier, J.E*. Artificial reefs viewed from the bottom-up: an ecosystem ecology

perspective. Journal of Applied Ecology. 2020 (* = equal contribution)

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in a diverse food web. Scientific Reports.

Allgeier, J.E., Andskog, M., Hensel, E., Appaldo, R., Layman, C.A., Kemp, D. 2020 Rewiring coral:

anthropogenic nutrient shift coral-algal nutrient and energy pathways toward algal dominance. Global Change Biology. 00: 1–14

Allgeier, J.E., ^Cline, T.W.,, R. A. Wathen, Walsworth, T. N., Layman, C. A., and Schindler, D. S. 2020 Individual behavior drives ecosystem function. Science Advances

                  - featured by numerous news outlets including The Detroit Free Press 

Schiettekatte, NMD, Barneche, DR, Villéger, S, Allgeier, J.E., Burkepile, D.E., Brandl, S.E., Casey, J.E.,  

Mercière, A., Munsterman, K.S. #, Morat, F., Parravicini, V. 2020 Nutrient limitation, bioenergetics and

stoichiometry: A new model to predict elemental fluxes mediated by fishes. Functional Ecology. 00: 1– 13.

Allgeier, J.E., ^Cline. T.W., 2019 Technical Comment: Demographic dynamics of the smallest marine 

vertebrates fuel coral reef ecosystem functioning. Science 366: 6472

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Wathen, G*, Allgeier, J.E. *, Bouwes, N., Pollock, M.M., Schindler, D.E., and Jordan, C.E. 2019. Beaver

activity increases habitat complexity and spatial partitioning of steelhead trout. Canadian Journal of

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. (* = joint first author)


Lyon, R.P, Eggleston, D.L., Bohnenstiehl, D.R., Layman, C.A., Ricci, S.W., Allgeier, J.E. 2019. Fish

community structure, habitat complexity, and soundscape characteristics of patch reefs in a tropical, back-reef system. Marine Ecology Progress Series 609:33-48

Vandermeer, J,, Agaii, A., Allgeier, J.E., Badgley, C., Baucom, R., Blesh, J., Fink Shapiro, L, Jones, A., Hoey, L., Jain, M., Perfecto, I., Wilson, M. 2018. Feeding Prometheus: An interdisciplinary approach for solving the global food crisis. Frontiers in Sustainability


Allgeier, J.E., Layman, C.A., Montana, C.G., Buhler, S.B., Appaldo, R., Rosemond, A.D. 2018. Anthropogenic versus fish-derived nutrient effects on seagrass community structure and function. Ecology

Allgeier, J.E., Speare K.E., Burkepile, D.E.  2018. Estimates of fish and coral larvae as nutrient subsidies to coral reef ecosystems. Ecosphere

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Allgeier, J.E., Valdivia, A., Cox, C.S., Layman, C.A. 2016. Fishing down nutrients on coral reefs. Nature

Communications 7:1246

          - featured by 42 news outlets including National Geographic

          - interviewed for Canadian Broadcasting Company's "Quirks and Quarks" 

Layman, C.A., Allgeier, J.E., Montana, C. 2016. The attraction-production debate viewed from the bottom-

up:mechanistic evidence of enhanced production. Ecological Engineering 95: 574-579

Streicker, D.G. and Allgeier, J.E.  2016. Variability in individual dietary specialization across a resource gradient in common vampire bats. Journal of Applied Ecology 53:1280-1288. 

Allgeier, J.E., Wenger, S.J., Schindler, D.E., Layman, C.A., Rosemond, A.D.  2015.  Metabolic theory and

taxonomic identity predict nutrient cycling in a diverse food web. Proceedings of the National Academy

of Sciences of the USA 112 (20): 2640-26437

          - received feature commentary in PNAS and numerous independent news outlets (see here

Allgeier, J.E., Layman, C.A., Mumby, P.J., Rosemond, A.D. 2015. Biogeochemical implications of regional

biodiversity loss across coastal marine ecosystems. Ecological Monographs 85: 117:132

Archer, S.K., Allgeier J.E., Semmens, B.X., Heppell, S.A., Pattengill-Semmens, C.V., Rosemond, A.D., Bush, P., McCoy, C.M., Johnson, C.B., and Layman, C.A., 2015. Hot moments in spawning aggregations: implications for ecosystem-scale nutrient cycling. Coral Reefs 34: 19-23

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mediated by diverse fish communities in coral reef ecosystems. Global Change Biology 20: 2459-2472

Hammerschlag-Peyer, C.M., Allgeier, J.E., Layman, C.A. 2013. Predator effects on faunal community

composition in shallow seagrass beds of The Bahamas.  Journal of Experimental Biology and Marine Ecology 446: 282-290

Burkepile, D.E., Allgeier, J.E., Shantz, A., Pritchard, C., Lemoine, N., Bhatti, L., Layman, C.A. 2013.  Nutrient

supply from fishes facilitates macroalgae and suppresses corals in a Caribbean coral reef ecosystem.  Scientific Reports 3: 1493

Allgeier, J.E., Yeager, L.A., Layman, C.A. 2013 Consumers alter nutrient limitation regimes and enhance

primary production.  Ecology 94: 521-529.

           - see press release in Science Daily

Layman, C.A., Allgeier, J.E., Yeager, L.A., Stoner, E.B.  2013 Thresholds of ecosystem response to nutrient

enrichment from fish aggregations.  Ecology 94: 530-536

Layman, C.A. and Allgeier, J.E.  2012. Characterizing trophic ecology of generalist consumers: a case study on the invasive lionfish Pterois volitans in The Bahamas. Marine Ecology Progress Series 448:131-14

Allgeier, J.E., Rosemond, A.D., Layman, C.A. 2011. Small-scale variation in nutrient limitation and seagrass

nutrient content in Bahamian mangrove wetlands. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 407: 330-336

Yeager, L.A., Allgeier, J.E., Layman, C.A. 2011. Experimental test of how patch- and landscape-scale variables affect fish community assembly. Oecologia 167: 157-168

            - Awarded top graduate student paper 2011, Florida International University

Allgeier, J.E., Rosemond, A.D., Layman, C.A.  2011. The frequency and magnitude of non-additive responses

to multiple nutrient enrichment. Journal of Applied Ecology 48: 96-101

            - Recommended F1000 and Awarded top graduate student paper 2011, Odum School of Ecology,                          UGA

Layman, C.A.*, Allgeier, J.E.*, Rosemond, A.R., Dahlgren, C.P., Yeager, L.  2011. Marine fishery declines

viewed from the bottom-up. Ecological Applications 21(2): 343-349 (* = joint first author);

             - Recommended F1000

             - see press release in Science Daily

Allgeier, J.E., Mehring, A.S., Rosemond, A.D., Layman, C.A.  2010. Significant nutrient co-limitation across a

gradient of fragmentation in sub-tropical mangrove-dominated estuaries.  Limnology and Oceanography 55(66): 2660-2668

Layman, C.A., Montaña, C.G., Allgeier, J.E.  2010. Linking community assembly and rates of water level

change in river littoral habitats. Aquatic Ecology 44: 269-273

Layman, C.A., Quattrochi, J.P., Peyer, C.M., Allgeier, J.E.  2007.  Niche width collapse in a resilient predator

following ecosystem fragmentation.  Ecology Letters 10:937-944


Manuscripts in advanced stages

Andskog, M. A. #*, C. A. Layman, and Allgeier, J. E. * Anthropogenic controls on biogeochemical hotspots in

a seagrass ecosystem. (* = joint first author)

Technical Reports

Layman, C.A., and Allgeier. J.E.  Scientific regional evaluation of habitat for proposed marine protected area in southern Haiti.  2012. Report for The Nature Conservancy

Allgeier, J.E.  Temporal variation and vertical migration of zooplankton in the upper 90 meters of the pelagic zone in Lake Tanganyika. 2001. Proc. Nyanza Project Lake Tanganyika

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